copy, fax and scanning services

Copying, Faxing and Scanning Services

Virtual Office by Design also offers copying, faxing and scanning services for all clients who use our offices, conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Copying Services

If you need just a few copies or hundreds for a big presentation, we can assist you with your copy service needs. Our computers, copiers and printers are available for your use, or if you need assistance, we can provide you with a staff-assisted copy service and have your materials waiting for you or mailed to a designated location.

Faxing Services

You can use our staff-assisted faxing services, and we will fax your documents on a secure line and follow-up to ensure that your fax was received. You can also choose to fax your materials yourself using our office machines at your convenience.

Document Scanning Services

If you need to scan and send a document via email, we can help. Our scanning services will provide an assistant to scan your documents and automatically send them to your email address so you’ll have them on record. We also provide a quick tutorial on our scanning machines in case you want to use them yourself.
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