Business Phone Answering Services

Live Receptionists at Your Business’ Fingertips

Virtual Receptionist / Phone Service Pricing Plans

3 Standard levels are listed below – but service plans can be tailored to fit your business!

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Office by Design’s core business is answering phones for small businesses, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 EST. We have a great team of trained receptionists to answer calls in our clients’ names, which triggers a protocol and decision-tree for next steps.

Our phone and voicemail services are perfect for the mobile professional or independent business owner. These phone option features have everything you need to stay connected with your clients, co-workers and business associates.

All plans come with a dedicated business  number and rollover phone lines.


Phone ANSWERING Services Available

  • A professional and friendly receptionist will answer, screen and transfer calls in your company’s name with personalized greatings.
  • We will transfer calls to you all over the US.
  • You will be able to have calls re-routed to different extensions in your business (i.e. customer service, sales, etc.)
  • Voice messages can be instantly sent to your email as audio files for your review.
  • You can receive your own dedicated toll-free number for your business.
  • Callers will hear music when on hold or while waiting to connect.
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Emails, as needed, based on client’s need and direction

Virtual Office by Design handles thousands of calls monthly for clients including professional clients (Attorneys and Doctors, etc.) and service providers (Locksmiths, A/C Service, etc).

We are your Virtual Receptionist Service. Let us know how we can customize a virtual program just for you and your business!