Virtual Office by Design Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: 05/30/2019

Virtual Office by Design values all of our prospective clients and the information you share with us, including name, phone number, email address, or other information. We safeguard this information and will only use the information provided to reach out to you as a prospective clients. We respect your privacy, and as such, will honor these guidelines:

1. Virtual Office by Design will only use your information to process your request for information about our services, pricing, and products.
2. We’ll use your information to register you to receive our newsletters and company updates. You can opt out at any time.
3. We’ll use your information to contact you about your service, including billing and account maintenance.
4. Any contact information shared with us will be securely housed at our offices.
5. Any contact information shared with us will be used solely by us for business reasons and will not be provided, sold, shared, or given to any outside party.