What Our Clients Say

We’re thrilled to share these testimonials from a few of our clients on how Virtual Office by Design has helped support their growth!


“We are so happy with our partnership with Virtual Office by Design that I would recommend them to any home improvement business or franchise. Any business where you need to have your phone answered and not have a voicemail left. You are able to go out and do your job yet the other side of your business is being taken care of. They really know our business. That’s what is so great about Virtual Office by Design.”
Heidi Huston Phillips

Budget Blinds

“Virtual Office by Design has a great location, right off the freeway, that makes it easy to stop in and check your mail or visit your office. I also use the live receptionist call answering service which is the best aspect of their services. I’ve called in and you would never know that you are not calling into a law office. They partner with me to learn my business and I consider every person working at Virtual Office by Design a part of the law offices of Eugene A. Kress, Jr.”

Gene A. Kress

Attorney, Law Offices of Eugene A. Kress, Jr.

I have personally worked with Virtual Office by Design for 10 years and I would recommend them to anyone. Virtual Office by Design has been a valuable partner in our business and has enabled us to focus our attention on growth because we know the services Virtual Office by Design provides our business is covered. The team at Virtual Office is great to work with and they are always willing to help. Virtual Office by Design is great for our public image; they are easy and convenient to work with; and their interface with us and our clients is flawless.

Jeff Unger

E-Noise Control, Westfield, IN

Virtual Office by Design has taken over an ongoing task which our organization had tried unsuccessfully to handle in-house. VOBD personnel are well trained and capable of presenting a good face to the many phone callers who reach out to us for help every day.  From a financial standpoint they represent a substantial savings versus in-house staffing to accomplish the same task.

Jeff Blackwell

Executive Director, Distribution, St. Vincent de Paul, Indianapolis

When my business began to grow, I needed a solid team to support my business and its growth. I needed a team that could take phone calls as well as respond to online questions submitted by my customers. Virtual Office By Design provided a customized solution that was tailored to my business and my needs. Some of the product solutions my business offers to customers can get very involved, so for the VOBD team to take the time to learn the products to a degree where they were not only comfortable in their knowledge, but also accurate in their conveyance of that information to the customer is a testament to their dedication to my business. Today, the support offered by VOBD has enriched my business in many ways. The team is able to handle all phone calls, design project work according to the customers initial specifications, take orders and update our order entry files. They are the true support that keeps my business running and growing, and are the behind the scenes team that keeps our customers satisfied. My business would not be where it is today without VOBD.

Tim O'Sullivan

Take Three Lighting, Indianapolis